FAQs About Oral Health and Hygiene

Common Questions About Your Dental Health

Each year, The Alberta Dental Association & College publishes a recommended fee guide for Alberta Dentists to follow. While it is not mandatory for dentists to follow this standard, our general dentists and hygiene team do follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide, and our reception team can help you find out if your insurance company also follows the Alberta Dental Fee Guide (as some do not). Any visiting specialists may have their own fees separate from the Alberta Dental Fee Guide.

Yes, we do! We also do complimentary insurance checks so we know what you are covered for and help you to keep track of what insurance you have used. It is still your responsibility to inform us if you have any changes to your insurance policy so we can do a new check, as your insurance does not report these to us.

We love new patients! Whether you are just looking to maintain your oral hygiene, or whether you require complicated procedures to correct your bite and rebuild your teeth, we would love to see you and be a part of your oral health!

We believe everyone deserves quality dental care, and so of course we accept Indigenous Services Canada Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program patients.

Absolutely! Like NIHB, we believe everyone deserves dental care, so if you are registered for dental coverage with the Alberta Adult Health Benefit program, all we need is that file number and we would love to see you!

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