General Dentist Near You

General dentistry services are the core foundation of good dental care. Everyone needs a great general dentist on their side to preserve their oral health. At Northern Dental Centre in Grande Prairie, we have a team of dental professionals that can provide you with the general dentistry services necessary to keep your entire family’s oral health in the best shape possible.

general dentist near you

Stop Problems Before They Happen

General dentistry prevents problems before they happen. That’s why we offer general dentistry near you, including full regular examinations of your oral health. We offer dental cleanings, X-rays, and visual exams to make sure that we can spot small problems before they morph into bigger problems.

We provide quality general dentistry in Grande Prairie with a variety of services that include:

Providing the Five-Star Treatment You Need

What happens when you have a problem?

Northern Dental Centre is on your side. We have a full range of procedures we can carry out to make sure that you can use your teeth without discomfort and pain. If you’re searching for a general dentist near you, schedule an appointment with us!

Our professional team of dentists can carry out any of the above procedures in our comforting environment.

Other General Dentistry Options for You

We also offer a range of corrective care procedures, so you can chew correctly and avoid problems in the future. Whether it’s a minor misalignment or a major correction that’s required, you can walk into our dental office with confidence. Our dentists can provide you with orthodontic aids, and or bite reconstruction needed to keep you comfortable. We can also counter many problems, such as bruxism (teeth grinding) by providing you with oral mouth guards to wear at night.

Professional Advice for Your Oral Care

Our dentists aren’t just there to deal with the problems you already have. They’re there to help you live a healthier lifestyle and to maintain good oral health. We can provide nutritional advice to help you avoid problems. We can also educate you on the changes you can make to your oral care regime, so your teeth stay white and clean long into the future. Really, we offer the full range of general dentistry services in Grande Prairie, AB. It doesn’t matter who you are or the current state of your oral care, we offer general dentistry near you to improve and maintain your health.

FAQs About General Dentistry

Do you need our services if your teeth feel fine?

Yes! Tooth problems can arise at any time. Many people who feel fine are shocked to find things like cavities when they see a dentist. Prevention and regular dental hygiene visits and exams are the keys to preventing any dental issues and maintaining good oral and overall health.

How often should I schedule a dental examination?

It depends on your current oral health. But a healthy adult will visit the dentist for an examination 1-2 times per year.

What’s the most important factor in choosing a dentist?

Find a dentist who’s not only professional but can build a good relationship with you. We pride ourselves on knowing each patient individually. We have a relationship that patients appreciate and always welcome new smiles into our practice.

Interested in general dentistry near you? Contact our dental office. We offer general dentistry in Grande Prairie, AB.