Root Canal Therapy Near You

When the pulp—the soft tissue inside of the root canal of your tooth is severely inflamed, infected, or decayed, you may require root canal therapy. This procedure can save your tooth and prevent it from drying. We offer root canal therapy near you at our dental clinic.

root canal treatment near you

Signs You May Require Root Canal Therapy

Before we list some of the following symptoms that indicate the need for root canal treatment, it is important to note that not all patients experience symptoms. Regular dental checkups can ensure that any inflammation or damage to the root of your tooth is detected and addressed immediately. You may need to seek root canal treatment in Grande Prairie, AB at our dental office if:

  • You experience pain in one area of your mouth
  • You have a sensitivity to temperatures (hot and cold) in a specific area or tooth
  • You experience pain when pressure is applied to your tooth or when you wake up
  • Bumps have formed on your gums near the affected area
  • Your tooth has discoloured or turned black

The Procedure for Root Canal Therapy

Firstly, your dentist will examine your tooth and the area to determine if root canal therapy is the correct treatment for your case. Your dentist will take X-rays to identify the shape of your tooth’s root and if signs of infection in the surrounding bone are present. If the issue pertains to the pulp of your tooth, your dentist will recommend undergoing root canal treatment near you at our dental office to save your tooth.

To begin, your dentist will numb your tooth and the area by administering local anesthesia. Next, your dentist will create an access hole in your tooth to extract the pulp, decay, nerve tissue, and debris through this hole.

After this step, your dentist will rigorously clean and wash the area with sodium hypochlorite and seal it. Usually, your dentist will seal the tooth immediately. However, they may recommend waiting a week to eliminate the infection. Your dentist will ensure your comfort during every step of this procedure. Most patients compare the experience of receiving root canal treatment near you at our dental clinic to a dental filling procedure.


Following root canal treatment, your tooth will function and feel normal again. Your dentist will recommend the placement of a crown on the treated tooth to replace the lost tooth structure and completely seal the top of the tooth.

If you are interested in root canal therapy in Grande Prairie, AB schedule an appointment today. We offer root canal treatment near you at our dental office. This procedure can save your tooth and prevent the need for extraction.