How Invisalign Clear Aligners Can Change Your Smile

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how invisalign clear aligners can change your smile

You might be concerned about how braces will appear if you need orthodontic treatment, but did you know you could use clear aligners instead? What to expect before, during, and after Invisalign treatment is discussed by our dentist in Grande Prairie, along with how Invisalign can improve your smile.

What is Invisalign?

A set of personalized clear aligners called Invisalign can help straighten your teeth without the use of conventional braces with wires and metal. Before moving on to the next set in the series, you usually wear each set of aligners for around two weeks. The aligners will gradually and minutely move your teeth during that period.

Your orthodontist will decide on the length of your treatment plan based on your unique needs. During treatment, you can take out your custom aligners to eat, drink, brush, and floss your teeth.

5 Ways Invisalign Treatment Can Improve Your Smile

Better Dental Health

Every single one of your teeth will experience precisely the right amount of pressure for precisely the right amount of time if you decide to get Invisalign near you. You will need to wear your Invisalign clear aligners correctly and only take them off when you need to eat, drink, or brush your teeth. Depending on the type of your misalignment, you may wear a total of a few sets of aligners. The long-term advantages of straighter teeth include improved dental health and healthier gums.

Improved Cleanliness During and After Treatment

Because the Invisalign trays are removable, you can take them out to brush and floss your teeth. During treatment, you will be able to make sure that you carefully clean and floss every tooth. Simply rinse them off or use the Invisalign cleaning crystals to clean your clear aligners. While your teeth are being straightened, this will assist you in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Straighter Teeth

Your teeth might be spaced, crooked, or out of alignment before you start your treatment. Any of these problems can be treated with Invisalign in Grande Prairie, either singly or in combination. Your specific treatment plan will determine your particular results, but in general, as long as you adhere to the recommended treatment plan, you may anticipate straighter teeth after Invisalign treatment.

Your bite may also get better, and there might be less space between your teeth. No matter the problems that were resolved, you’ll probably discover that you prefer showing off your new, straighter grin to everyone you encounter.

No More Crowded or Misaligned Teeth

Crowded or misaligned teeth can affect one’s dental health and physical attractiveness. Invisalign can correct misalignments. Following the personalized treatment plan your dentist near you creates for you is essential for success.

Each stage of your treatment focuses on a few of your teeth at a time, rather than relocating every tooth at once. No matter what problem is being treated, it’s critical that you adhere to the schedule your orthodontist recommends and wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours every day. Your crowded or misaligned teeth should be straight after a successful treatment process, allowing you to flash a more attractive grin.

Increased Comfort Level

The smooth plastic construction of Invisalign transparent aligners makes them fairly comfortable to wear. Additionally, because they are made of transparent plastic, it will be difficult for the average person to see them while they covertly straighten your teeth.

Come See Our Experts

You’ll notice little changes in the way your mouth looks once your Invisalign treatment is complete. Similar to this, patients who had an underbite, overbite, or crossbite that was fixed with Invisalign would notice a slight change in the appearance of their lower faces. So please, arrange a consultation with one of our Northern Dental Centre dentists today and be ready to see a new you!

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