Should You Choose Porcelain Veneers or Invisalign?

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should you choose porcelain veneers or invisalign

Many patients visit North Dental Centre looking for a way to get a brighter, healthier smile. Our team offers many cosmetic dentistry options to our patients to achieve the smile of their dreams. Two of the most popular cosmetic dentistry options are porcelain veneers and Invisalign. So, how do you know which option is best for you? North Dental Centre has put together this comparison of these two treatment options so that you can make the best decision for your smile.


Cost is always a concern when discussing cosmetic treatment options with your dentist in Grande Prairie. When you decide to pursue Invisalign near you, you will be looking at a $5000-$8000 treatment cost to align all your teeth. The cost of porcelain veneers depends on the number of veneers you require to give your teeth a straighter appearance.

The major difference between Invisalign and porcelain veneers is that Invisalign actually moves your teeth into an aligned position, whereas porcelain veneers only give your teeth the appearance of being straight by changing their shape. Generally, the cost for porcelain veneers on your six upper front teeth is between $3000 and $4000.


One of the biggest differences between porcelain veneers and Invisalign treatment is the amount of time they take to complete. In general, porcelain veneers require a few appointments to determine the veneers’ shape, position, and color. The entire process is fairly quick, and you can leave with a new smile in 4-6 weeks.

On the other hand, the process for getting Invisalign in Grande Prairie takes much longer, up to 2-3 years, to straighten your teeth. This timeline can vary depending on the initial position of your teeth and the number of movements required to align them.

The Complexity of Treatment and Potential Complications

There are some benefits to both Invisalign and porcelain veneers. Here is a brief comparison of the two options:

  • Gum recession: Gum recession can occur after orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign. Veneers do not move your teeth, so they do not pose a risk of gum recession.
  • Tooth shade: When you choose to get dental veneers, your dentist near you can make them any shade you would like them to be. Invisalign, however, does not whiten teeth.
  • Occlusion: Occlusion is another word for how your teeth fit together when you bite and chew. When you straighten your teeth with Invisalign, you will end up with a balanced bite. When you opt for porcelain veneers, your bite will not change, and you are only changing the outward appearance of your teeth.
  • Tooth modification: To get veneers placed, your dentist will have to remove a small amount of tooth enamel to allow the veneers to bond to the surface. Invisalign sometimes also requires this. Make sure to speak to your dentist about either procedure and if there is a way to avoid having to modify your teeth.

Visit Northern Dental Centre

There is no easy answer as to whether Invisalign or porcelain veneers are better for your smile. For many patients, cost and timeline play a big role in their decision-making. If you would like to learn more about either of these treatments, please don’t hesitate to contact Northern Dental Centre. Our team of dedicated dental professionals understands the importance of a bright, confident smile. We are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about Invisalign or porcelain veneers so that you can get the smile you deserve. Please contact us to book a consultation today!


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